Unleashing The Power of Amino Complexes

Genesis Global remains the frontrunner in the emerging world of consumer-focused aminos-based science. Through decades of research and clinical trials initiated by the late Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling, our science is unrivaled, our use of exotic botanicals is unmatched, and consumers are the benefactors. A new beginning is underway.

Our Approach

Our blueprint is straightforward. We utilize the finest botanicals & nutrients, couple them with highly-tailored delivery systems, and let the results do the talking.

We hold that a truly healthy body begins much deeper than the surface. What is happening in the 37.2 trillion cells in the human body is the key to good health, a vibrant appearance, and feeling good. Our skin, hair, and personal health care solutions are the result of the most advanced science using our exclusive patented proprietary amino complex chemistry. These clinically tested proven formulations are combined with vitamins, minerals, and ancient herbal and plant extracts which work in synergy to produce superior skin, hair, health care, and anti-aging treatments.

Genesis Global’s leadership in proprietary amino complex technologies has enabled us to create a spectrum of truly-epic products with an efficacy that adjusts to the precise needs of a client’s conditions.

Our formulations are more effective than those found in other products which use shared commercially available amino complexes. The more substantial the body’s needs, the more active our product. That’s our scientific advantage. And that's what marks the genesis of truly effective, selective, and protective consumer products we stand behind.

Amino Complex

Leading From The Front Lines

Gifted with command of both science and business acumen, the executive team is without equal

Joey Edge Joey Edge Chief Executive Officer

Joey Edge | Chief Executive Officer

Joey Edge, CEO and Managing Partner of Genesis Global has had a very successful career as an innovative marketplace leader. His focus is achieving positive results through strong leadership, effective communication, interpersonal relations, and excellent analytical skills. Joey's successes have been the result of developing strategic partnerships and synergies with functional leaders to effectively bridge the gap between the needs of clients and customers, business objectives, operational decisions, and financial targets while continuing to contain costs and drive profitable growth.

"I've often been regarded as a 'motivated catalyst', which I attribute to my ethical foundation, business acumen, and the ability to execute and just get things done."

Joey Edge

Joey founded the Edge Companies in 1991 where he has experienced a very productive 26-year history that included being recognized nationally for his many accomplishments. In 2010 his leadership led to expanding into different industries with the Edge holdings by launching of two internet-based companies and the ownership of a Golf and Spa Resort. He founded Genesis Global in 2016. He is presently focused on expanding the epic product lines internationally and the development of the private label division of the company.

Having served as a Board of Director on many local, state, and national non-profit and faith-based organizations, Joey is deeply committed to partner with others and stop the exploitation of people through forced labor and sex trafficking on a global scale.

Tony Potter Tony Potter Chief Marketing Officer

Tony Potter | Chief Marketing Officer

Tony leverages his 20 years of consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer marketing and engineering experience as the CMO of Genesis Global. His management tenure in the realm of Direct Sales for nearly two decades has equipped him with a keen sense for consumer empowerment, acquisition, and retention. Tony represents a rare breed, being both highly-creative and highly-technical, which is reflected in the personal yet highly-automated campaigns and frameworks he has architected for Genesis Global.

Tony has been instrumental at developing the company’s brand story, multi-faceted online/offline marketing strategy, and the alignment with our developing network of brand ambassadors. As a graduate from the University of Utah in Biological Sciences, he also understands the unparalleled science that gives Genesis Global its edge and able to translate and convey that science to the average consumer.

Tony resides in Southern California with his wife and three children, loves the outdoors, and committed to bringing his unique flare to the company as we grow both domestically and internationally.

Jim Colyer Jim Colyer Vice President of Sales

Jim Colyer | Vice President of Sales

Jim is the ultimate sales professional and began his long outstanding career working for retailers and later leveraged his experience and expertise to bring his winning formula to manufacturers. Jim has built multi-billion dollar retailers and has established distribution for hundreds of CPG products. Through his personal connections with Walmart, Rite-Aid, Kroger and Giant Eagle, among others, Jim has had tremendous success in gaining distribution for new and emerging products, where others could not. One of Jim’s projects that exemplifies his level of expertise was taking a totally unknown brand, Spidertech, and established distribution into 1,040 Walmart stores nationwide. Jim has also built regional brands such as Moonstruck, Umpqua Oats and Portland Roasting into national brands through distribution in Fresh Market, Earth Fare, Weis and most recently Kroger. We are extremely honored to have a man of his integrity, experience, and expertise to lead our sales and distribution efforts.

Genesis Global is aggresively expanding internationally

If you see a fit for our offerings or would like to explore potential synergies, we welcome the outreach. Enjoy the Genesis.